Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I'd like Architect Heirlooms for $800 Alex.


Unfortunately, Architectural innocence is now lost within the world wide web. If you Google "French Curve," well, many unsavory images pop up.  To simpler times !

I'd like Architect Heirlooms for $600 Alex. you are telling me I can write on this drawing in blue lead...and NOBODY will see it on the prints?  Magic!

I'd like Architect Heirlooms for $400 Alex.


Koh-i-noor or Rotring? Who made the better pen? Cleaning your set without bending the needle was a steady handed skill unto itself....

I'd like Architect Heirlooms for $200 Alex.


It wasn't mustard gas but it had to be pretty darn close.  If you were working for a firm in your college summers in the 80's, you probably found yourself running prints as busy work in the back. Holding one's breath while changing the ammonia supply was a test of physical strength like no other. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Paul Kersey. Hero Architect.

Nothing says vigilante like Charles Bronson. But he is also a world class Architect in the Death Wish movies. A Renaissance man like no other. Hide your X-Acto. 

Doug Roberts. Hero Architect.

Upon the discovery that the developer required the contractor to install a sub-standard electrical system in his new world class office tower, Doug Roberts, the Architect of the Office Tower kicks into action in The Towering inferno, 1974.   (One of Irwin Allens many disaster movies of the early '70s.)